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Observ Skin Analysis

Take a revolutionary journey beneath your skin‘s surface


Dr Sandra Gamper,
Founder, GP + Aesthetic Doctor

Hey there! Dr. Sandra Gamper here, your dedicated skin specialist at Miriderma in beautiful Bournemouth, UK. I'm genuinely excited that you've taken our skin quiz because it's the first step towards a radiant journey together.

A skin consultation and analysis with our state-of-the-art Observ machine will guide us deep beneath the surface to unveil your skin's unique story.

Here's what this journey holds for you:

Say farewell to those insecurities and embrace newfound confidence. 

At Miriderma, we're all about pampering you with a touch of low-key luxury that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. From revitalizing peels to the magic of microneedling, we've got the perfect tools to help your skin glow.

I want my scan, sign me up!

Now, it's your time to take this extraordinary step forward! Reserve your spot for a FREE skin analysis and consultation with me, Dr. Sandra Gamper.


Let's get you on the right path towards the most confident version of YOU.


Just hit the button below to secure your appointment, and let the journey to your best skin ever commence!

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