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treating signs of ageing with dermal fillers


As we age, the amount of collagen, fat and bone declines which means that skin can lose it shape and volume, and start to sag and form wrinkles, folds and jowls.

For the best results you will only need one Dermal Filler treatment.


Dermal fillers are made from a stabilised form of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring molecule and a component of our skin. We can use dermal fillers to treat these signs of ageing by creating a more supportive structure to the deep tissues, by adding volume, and to smooth more superficial areas. Dermal fillers also enable us to enhance your natural beauty by adding contour, volume and hydration to areas such as the lips, jawline and cheeks.

Skin Clinic treatments in Bournemouth


Results are immediate and you can admire your natural transformation instantly. Most fillers will usually last around for approximately a year.

Mirror in Skin Clinic in Bournemouth

A subtle tweak here and there can do wonders!

If you would like to book in to discuss more about treatment with dermal fillers then please book a virtual consultation so that we can discuss your medical history, cosmetic goals and develop a treatment plan together.

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